This time,

A meet up me and Courtney organized.... well, mostly her. Courtney did an amazing job putting the time and effort into the planning for this. I think I mostly just turned up! It was a real shame we couldn't get more models involved, with Kiah being the last one left standing after Courtney had a sick wee girl and Jennifer left.

Fingers crossed for next time!

Starting off with these images of Jennifer.

A complete natural to modelling, I'm sure many of us are jealous of her confidence and ease in-front of the camera!

Next these one's of Courtney - she and her partner Jamie were kind enough to let me test out doing multiple exposures (in camera *shocked face*).

Now for some behind the scenes...

Note - every time I turned around David Bayley was in a bush... he's no where near as creepy in reality hahahaha

Last but not least, Kiah.

There was a little wee slip up I managed to capture!