Well, this turned out to be my dream lens....

The soft romantic blur and sharp focus really appeals to me and my style. I'd seen the lens and equivalent 35's mentioned and recommended on a lot of boudoir photographer sites and groups, so it was one I really wanted.

Just so happened I got a deal on one I couldn't refuse!

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I love being different with the art and images I create.

I draw a lot of inspiration from American boudoir photographers and their moody and suggestive style... there's just something about those mysterious and flirty images that really grab my attention. When I collect images as inspo for a shoot, sometimes it's the lighting that speaks to me. Most of the time it's the pose. But even when I put these images together for inspiration, they'll never turn out like those images I first saw.

My style is different. The light I work with is different. My editing is different - a hell of a lot of photographers can't even say that! So many outsource their editing to other organizations or photographers... which I think is pretty crap for someone dealing with such intimate and personal portraits!

I take pride in the fact my images are completely my own ❤ That takes a hell of a lot for me to say... I used to hate my work. I never felt good enough because I kept comparing myself to groups of photographers that would use preset packs and create images that clients would flock to. I felt like no one would ever like or appreciate my work. The work that truly consumes my heart when I'm creating it.

But I've always been different as a person. Finishing school and going into a mechanical trade proves I don't go with the flow and trends.

I don't want to follow the trend, I want to start it.

And it's taken a lot of renewed strength to get to that mindset.

But I WILL continue to do what I love, how I love it.

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The 35mm lens has definitely helped me finally create the images I've had in my head since I started taking portraits.

boudoir christchurch, new zealand boudoir, christchurch boudoir photographer
boudoir christchurch, new zealand boudoir, christchurch boudoir photographer
boudoir christchurch, new zealand boudoir, christchurch boudoir photographer
Creativity is breaking out of established patterns to look at things in a different way. ~Edward de Bono
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I can't really say it enough, and I'm sure you'll see it mentioned or discussed throughout many blog posts of mine...

I want to provide images for women that make them feel sexy AF... have no doubt in their minds that they are beautiful. We all have the flaws that we automatically see and can't ignore in photographs... but to have those few images that really show us what we actually look like... wouldn't that be epic?

This is as much of a gift for yourself as your partner. I did these images as a present to my partner (which he absolutely loved!), but I felt so happy with myself and how I looked, I decided I needed to share.

I'm the kind of person that hates getting behind the camera. 99% of the time I hate images of myself. So as a fellow person that can't stand being on the other end of the camera, I can completely understand the nerves and hesitation!

But it's pretty worth it when you come out the other side of a session with images like these!

Boudoir portraiture is so much more than just a portrait of a person's face. For me, it's about the body and feeling at home in it... feeling comfortable in your own skin... hence why you definitely need some body focussed shots and an excellent booty shot!

― Susan Jeffers